About Us

MediGroup EBI is a medical and surgical device company founded in 2005. Evidence-based innovation is integral to MediGroup’s business model.

The company initially focussed on dressings for chronic wounds, evolving to distribute cutting edge treatments for complex wound management and later moving into advanced surgical devices and prosthesis. We now offer products that solve a wide range of difficult problems, with a therapeutic area focus into complex wounds, vascular, plastics and cardio-thoracics.

We work closely with our customers to educate, train and assist them to achieve the best possible outcome from the use of our products. High quality products from multiple suppliers, coupled with extraordinary customer service and a drive to produce proven superior results is what sets MediGroup apart from its competitors.

MediGroup is a member of the MTAA, which aims to ensure the benefits of modern, innovative and reliable medical technology are delivered effectively to provide better health outcomes to the Australian community. MTAA recognises the central role of consumers in the healthcare system.